Esther Planas Barcelona 1960, is an independent artist and researcher. She holds an MRes on Art, Theory, and Philosophy from CSM ( University of the Arts, London). She produces her online and Situationist des-educational project Escuela de Calor/School of Caldity, that was selected for the 8 Festival of Performance in Cali, Colombia by Helena Producciones (VISIBLE price 2012). Founding member of the London Artist lead co-operative project, Five Years since 1998. Her research focuses in notions of self-instituting practices across time and space and the power of utopias. Her workshop based "situations" are aural and ephemeral actions of gathering, where groups of unexpected peoples conspire or de-stabilise notions of the institutions.

Planas studied contemporary dance at The London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) London and at El Institut del Teatre, Area, Spai de Dansa, Barcelona. She started as a dancer from the renowned pioneering modern dance academy Anna Maleras in the 70’s. She published, edited and contributed the magazine V.O. in 1984/5 in Barcelona and DARK STAR (London 1998/2001)now archived at MACBA Arxius.Her work as lectures, performances or sound interventions has been featured in sites as Matadero Madrid, South London Gallery, Beaconsfield London, BCN PRODUCCIO\'10 La Capella, Barcelona, Tate Britain London, MACRO Museo Rome, Autocenter Berlin and at independent curators and artist run spaces as Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala, Polish Versaeger Berlin, Beta-local, San Juan PR, The Barber Shop Lisbone and INCA Detroit USA. She has interviewed or reviewed artist works and published in cultural magazines or fanzines as Metal Barcelona, The Critical Friend and /Seconds, London with a published Novella at FROZEN TEARS the publication and writing based project by artist John Russell.
Her fanzine Dark Star/1998/2002 (MACBA Arxiu and PABD archive)

Planas was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Price in 2014