Yasmin Nair on the opportunism in discourses, in-between academy/art/culture

I found this text on a post in facebook by Yasmin Nair, and I was so taken because sadly even if all the basics on the problems we are tackling as anti-racist, marxist, and agents in a commitment with respect, and care for reality and the unfair which is embed on our capitalist society , we have also witnessed and suffered such issues which Yasmine describes quite passionately, albeit in the intense tone that facebook promotes (which can be fairly questioned too) in any case Yasmin has a blog which I will link here for you to contextualise her and her work.

Here her text from 2012

“I am done with the douchebags who’ve taken too many queer theory/race theory classes taught by incompetent professors whose only method of grading is to affirmatively count the number of times the words “homonormative” and “white supremacy” appear on your papers. I’m done with the Tim-Wise-cock-sucking (not in a good way) jerks who blather on about white privilege while never pondering the fact that talking about white privilege has made a very well-paid career for a white man, and several POCs, who appropriate the work of people who actually produce work and analyses.
You ignore the fact that millions of white people come from families that have been cut out of access to basics like education for generations, and that many of them have no clue how to navigate labyrinthine university systems, or how to use networks of power to which you have gained access. Instead, you demean and ostracise them because, OMG, they used the wrong ethnic term or misgendered your queer friend insisting on seeing racism and malice where there might be none. You scream “racist” and even evoke the dreaded call of “rapist” without bothering to check your facts because all that matters to you is that you get to be the ones who beat up on that white dude.
You ignore structural problems around class and access because you wouldn’t know them if they hit you on the head and because all you’ve ever been taught in those template-driven classes is how to apply check marks to people. You live in a world where white=racist, and the rest of your work is built upon little more than a constant call to echo white guilt, and nothing else matters.
You choose to ignore the fact that several of your South Asian/Latino friends come from massive amounts of privilege, and that privilege extends far beyond the money they might have, and that their privilege shields them in ways that you would never recognise or simply choose not to recognise. You insist on seeing every Latino as the progeny of sad, poor migrants, even as their social and cultural privilege is made clear, and you insist on calling every Black man “brother” and “man” and insist that he must manifest signs of knowing his “hood” because heaven help the Black man who will not dance to your tune of authenticity. You boast of how many POCs/queers you’ve fucked, and actually think that fucking is part of some revolutionary act.
You are, more often than not, white, but several of you are also self-identified, self-aggrandising POC douchebags who have crafted entire careers and lives based on doing nothing more than being the assholes who spend their entire lives pointing out how everyone who is white is a racist/anti-queer/homonormative/insert fashionable term here.
Don’t bother disagreeing with me here, really. Those who know me and what just happened offline and what I have been talking about know what this is about. I am filled with rage and anger, the breadth of which you cannot understand. I am sick and tired of seeing my friends being maligned by assholes who don’t do a lick of work in the revolutions they have claimed as their own.
I am fucking done with the “anti-racist” industry that has sprung up on the graveyard of the shoddy intellectual claptrap that still persists in calling itself radical – queer theory, the white studies bullshit, the anti-PIC critiques that only beat the drum of racism without bothering to think of how neoliberalism has cleverly made it impossible for us to think about the structural violence that simply uses identity to its own ends and to jail millions whom we ignore.
I am done, done, done. You want identity, motherfuckers? I will fucking use my own to expose your racist anti-racist bullshit. I’m so sick of this bullshit. Prepare to be taken down. Hard.”

Yasmin Nadir

Yasmin’s Blog: http://www.yasminnair.net/content/about

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