Esther Planas

Copyright 2019

See- Hear- Feel
at PAMM Madrid 18 February 2012

An intervention of live sound and film at the Site Specific project PAMM .
A room covered in Black Plastic, a Film made of other films reframed,
Live sound from a Guitar, Pedals Flanger, Delay, Distortion, Reverb
and a Theremin plus a 300wats Marshall Amp and a smaller amp.
Noise, light and flickering time.

The iconic works of Tony Conrad, Nam Jum Paik and Hans Richter get filmed wile on line on Youtube channel.
The filming of the computer screen, is very basic and only a partial "re-framed" part of the screen is shoot .
Edited varying speed and compressing the time/frame space , the result is and abstract containing
the light and shape trails left by the 'authors" Conrad, Jum Paik and Richter.

The Film is performed as expanded or "aural",wile the live sound meets between shadows, darkness and lights and its generated from a corner , next to huge amps .
Performing abstraction that brings to life the spirits of geometrics, flickers etc and "disappearing" wile "performing".

PAMM (Performing Arts Mirror Madrid) is a non profit art space without fixed headquarters but located in Madrid, opened for creation, diffusion, development and spreading of performing arts, or projects of national or international performers, ready to work throughout guerrilla or resistance practices and under budget curated by Guillermo Espinosa.