Esther Planas

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Club Esther: black cube /art lust , encounters, with films, performance, posters, publications and music by guest artist

Club Esther was inspired by a series of comics published in Spain during the 70's. Those stories had as protagonist, a girl called Esther, and the title of them was, Esther y su Mundo: Esther and her World.

As I knew some of the material made by the Situationist and the notions of "detournement" and intervention in to graphic's and comics, somehow came as a natural idea to work with the mixing up of the names and the identity or symbolism of having a character already existing on a 70's comic called/ named as myself.

It was under this title Club Esther which existed in posters in the real "comic context and times", I started an exploration of a site-specific experiment: an in-between of an installation and a real life "situation/event" using notions of the DIY memories of late 70's and early 80's in London and of how on the punk era, folks will make their own night of band's gigs at small clubs in pubs.

Some of us in Five Years (the artist lead space I was involved with) had intended to make some performance nights there and use the site as a hybrid between a formal exhibition research space and a more explorative place as a performance site. But when we became spaceless since early 2003, it felt all of a sudden that moment could be right to explore the opposite case: The use of a night club for making of its space an art-site. Inspired by so many other works, more or less realistic night club initiatives, Club Esther saw its first intervention at On The Rocks in Kingsland Road in late 2003.

At the same time, Club Esther was an online project, a website (think of that era as the era of internet exposure and online projects)

The website, became very successful and sadly since lost its host has lost its site address and now is sort of floating in the net. Never the less you can access it, but I has lost the links to what made of it a sort of live journal and publication.

Names of all the artist/performers/ musicians at Club Esther

Alvi Tariq
John Russell
Michael Curran
Mark Aerial Waller
Cedar Lewishon
John Cussans
Graham Dophinn
Mathew Higgs
Susan Morris
Francis Summers
Marc Hulson
Jemima Burrill
Hilda Daniel
Jeremy Ackerman
Edwin David
Edward Dorrian
Factory Magazine
Theo Cowley
Richard Crow
Thomas Galler
Evil Knievel

Douglas Park

Xerox Teens
Dirty Snow
Dj Princess Vampire
Spider Web (The Horrors)

Erich Weiss
Zoe Hussy
Pete Lewis
Alex Lindsay ( Blood Valley)
Henna Nadeem
Roma Pass
Kirsten Reynolds
Giles Round
Alex Shady