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Interviews, Text, References etc made about me or by me since 1984

Spectres of Modernism project and blog by Clare Carolin, London


Performing Borders, interview to Esther Planas by curator of Performing Borders Allesandra Cianetti

/Seconds editor and curator Pete Lewis, London,--film-/

Manifestaciones Públicas de Afecto curated by Florencia Portocarrero, BAR project Barcelona

Entrevista a Esther Planas Arnau Salvadó en Metal blog, Barcelona

Aformal Academy, curated by Merve Medir, Honk Kong

Review about Ana María Millán show at Five Years curated by Esther Planas

Edward Winkleman blog Artist of the week :


« Regarde-moi » : les appels muets des femmes dans l'art contemporain Diane Watteau
Dans Savoirs et clinique 2004/1 (no4), pages 108 à 118

Esther Planas V.O. Mentioned in the introduction of the book La Ciutat Interrompuda
del escriptor Juliá Guillamont

Index of Reviews/Published text:

Press-Online-Paper etc.
2016_ METAL mag/blog, Esther Planas: El Punk no ha muerto/ Arnau Salvado
2014_ Revista ANIMAL, Proyecto: Urban Interactions, Esther Planas 
2012_ Dazed and Confused, Space of The Month: Proyectos Ultravioleta 
2012_ Centre for The Aesthetic Revolution, Mexican Embassy, a Golden Salon by Esther Planas, with Walter Benjamin, Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí.
2010_ A_Mag Revista online, Esther Planas 
2010_ Revista La Tempestad, Mexico
2006_Edward Winkleman blog Artist of the week :
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