Esther Planas

Copyright 2019

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected for the 8 Festival de Performance de Cali
(Colombia) organised by the artist group Helena Producciones !!!

Escuela de Calor
scio me nihil scire orscio me nescire
School of Doubt and Des-education

For me to give a workshop is not so much to give a series of lessons, or to position myself as a container of a knowledge that I convey ......

My proposal is basically to create a practice on a context and a experience, based on structures that can go back to basic roots as Socrates, Persian story tellers, the exercises of the Greeks as The Abductive thought of Aristotle and his Peripatetic School walks....

Experimenting with ideas and conversation as a production of thoughts, daring and doubting, using outdoors spaces and the supposed antagonist places to what we would consider now the usual setting for learning.

We can't help to reflect:
What is training?? What is learning??
Esther Planas 2011

"An ignorant master is not just an ignorant person who gets a kick out of playing master. It is a master who teaches - that's to say, who is for another person a cause of knowledge - without transmitting any knowledge. A master, thus, who displays the discontinuity between the master's control and his knowledge, who shows us that what is called "the transmission of knowledge" consists in fact of two intertwined relations which it is useful to disassociate: a relation of will to will and one of intelligence to intelligence."
Jaques Ranciere..

Escuela de Calor aims to create a physical /mental aural space that questions in it self the traditional architecture for placing the distribution of knowledge wile also dismantling all orthodox notions about education’s verticality. It is free to attend and any one is welcomed, there is no application to fill to be selected it is open to all sorts of subjectivities.

If placed on a space (a classroom) that is made and conceived by architects as a space for learning and teaching as in schools and universities it would make a huge difference to get the teacher out of a Stage or Podium, it is also symbolic of the need of horizontality to take place as the structure of the relations between professor and students.

This choreography of Power relations and placements of the bodies around a space gets interrupted and questioned.

To decide to meet up in spaces that challenge the main idea of classroom, as in a bar or better an improvised bar terrace and to call for meeting outdoors and even in a swimming pool etc, is just a small gesture, but never the less modifies the focus on the main issue of how to de-school our ways of learning (free school, horizontal learning, etc)

I been always concerned about the direct connection of privilege about education when I realised I could not pay my way in certain art schools … in my case was this in other cases it is even the basic education that one can’t pay but as an Artist I am concentrating on that arena, the art and art studies the need to have to have a degree on art to be respected as artist or be able to speak certain language that would result in you been considered part of a scene the art world.

Escuela de Calor reclaims various itching points:

The Space for Learning and its Symbolism so that is Calor, South (Heat) versus the coldness of North.
The Coldness of Capitalism, of practicality, and the distribution of the Insensible (quoting Ranciere but reversed)

Escuela de Calor looks up to trigger a way of being and seeing, a mind state too, so that after one has passed by the experience, its own “thinking”, its ways of seeing and perceiving would have been altered. Of course the aim is to derail values that are capitalist towards education, towards the value we give to it (the perversion of a system that places a very high price to get it)and the orthodoxies that sustain such systems.
Moving towards Calidity: Escuela de Calor as antidote for the Cold of the Capitalist Protestant notion of Education and its cultural implementation.

Does an artist in the art context have any power to make up for change in our school system with out leaving his/her place as “author / teacher/ producer “and the system that sustains the unfair hierarchy and the state of things that supports the structure in which he/she exist?
I like to present my Project and the causes that lead me to this practice :

1) Introduction and questioning : the pre-history of Escuela de Calor are my previous workshops as part of my practice not as a teaching oriented “courses” but understood as joint performatic and politico- situationist based experiences. ref: Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala 2011, Encuentros cercanos del Tercer Tipo, Casa Haiku, Barcelona 2010, The BCN Psychotropic Workshops

2) Escuela de Calor starting points at Eme3 Architectural Festival 2011 (Barcelona) and how got selected for The Cali 8 Performance Festival 2012 on a context of radical political proposals.