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April 2023
Five Years Study Group Fragments for an Antifascist Newsletter at Five Years, Sunday 23rd April 2023
Sept 2022
Part 3
17-18 September 2022
12pm - 6pm

Please note, the gallery will be closed during the walks.

Refugia is a long term Walking Art Project exploring the intersection between theory and practice. Refugia Part 3 will comprise a pop-up exhibition, walks and talks inspired by research and events undertaken during Parts 1 and 2.

March/April 2022
Establecimientos Naturales: Esther Planas y Stephane Carpinelli Espacio 88, Barcelona, Catalonia.

May2021/2022 Works for sale at Artsy, via Darling&Pearls Gallery

Nov2021/ Jan 2022
Published investigative essay for the UOC (Open University of Catalonia) commissioned by Maria Iñigo Clavo for the cluster of Subaltern Studies and methodology at "Estudios curatoriales y de Patrimonio crítico"

June 2021
Awarded the grant for foreign studies by the Catalan dept. of Culture de la Generalitat de Catalunya for studies abroad/Beques per a la formació i el perfeccionament en els àmbits de les arts visuals, dels nous sectors creatius, de les arts escèniques, de la música i del pensament, 2020/2021

May 2021
Five Years & Darling Pearls & Co at Platforms Project NET 2021: Alias | | |

March 2021
Q&A with Five Years new member Esi Eshun about her new work The Unbecoming, which is included
in the work for the UOC as part of my work on subaltern studies, critical race, and urban interventions

February 2021
MayDay Rooms' Events: Let a thousand A4 pages bloom: the newsletter from past and present!

Wednesday 10th Febuary 6-8pm, on Zoom

We are happy to be teaming up with the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest to bring you this event of Newsletter, past and present!

Newsletters, the stuff of steady curiosity, bureaucracy or just some local groups’ ephemera. MayDay Rooms archive is full of historic examples, and the recent 11th issue of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest is primarily a compendium of contemporary, locally situated anti-fascist or avantgarde newsletters. Join us for a discussion led by the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest on autonomous and radical cultural work and sociality through the lens of the newsletter. We will be hearing contributions from Woodbine in Queens NYC, the Center for Enchantment from Albany NY, and Five Years (London) together with material presented from the MDR Archive. There will be a discussion led by Nick Thoburn, author of the Anti-book: On the Art and Politics of Radical Publishing.

May/July 2020
The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest:
Issue # 11, Newsletter Project
anti-fascist// avant garde// autonomous// locally situated//
Issue will ship in June, and all material will be available online (as usual) for free.

April 2020
View online discussion and expo/film for Greatest Quarantine Art Expo

March 2020
Tales From The Age Of Anxiety.
A Series Of Events, Exhibitions & Workshops In Association with Islington Storytelling Festival.
5yrzly Events/ Dysphorias, 14,22 March, Curated by Esi Eshun at Five Years
Postponed due to Covid-19

February 2020
Artist-Run Spaces: Esther Planas from Five Years at Associates Space, at Spike Island, Bristol

Revista de la 4ª Internacional Panafricanista Garveyista Cimarrón Rastafari
Homenaje a Alanna Lockward Esther Planas Balduz

February 2019 Espacios Liminares (Barcelona)

October 2018
Performing Otherness: a Postcolonial Approach to Francoist Spain
26 October 2018
9am - 5pm Hunter Building, Hunter Lecture Theatre (017)
74 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh/ EH3 9DF