Esther Planas

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Installation as a totality of fragments. As a time-based work that would hold the public inside its suggested spaces from where to navigate on its various unresolved contents.
Esther Planas

"An artistic installation, on the contrary, builds a community of spectators precisely because of the holistic, unifying character of the installation space. The true visitor to the art installation is not an isolated individual, but a collective of visitors. The art space as such can only be perceived by a mass of visitors—a multitude if you like—with this multitude becoming part of the exhibition for each individual visitor, and vice versa.......The installation is, above all, a mass-cultural version of individual flânerie, as described by Benjamin, and therefore a place for the emergence of aura, for “profane illumination.”
extract: Boris Groys

This series of Installations are works produced and shown in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Berlin from 1998/2000 to 2008

The proposed installation would vary when it was shown as a solo show. The fact that the placement of the material and elements at the gallery space was experimental or tentative, was part of the context as in working by solo exhibition premisses.

A review for Transition Gallery, London:

Happiness is a Warm Gun - Esther Planas

On the 25.11.04 Esther Planas wrote in her online diary:
dear diary....seems I still alive...seems that no one h
as done it yet.....I want to do it..but fuck..I
am a coward...maybe some day....

Esther Planas is the achingly and archetypically
poetic visionary, playing out her own
life/love/art dramas in her work –
meshing it all together in a glorious
fuck it collage. Her confessional practice
predates Emin, influenced instead by the original
hardcore exponent of the genre, Kathy Acker.

Esther’s is a plaintive world where everything
is continually in flux. Her persona shifting
between the wannabe roles of rebel, rock-star,
artist, painter, poet, porn star and writer.
In her art this personal world is opened up,
creating a space for the audience to drift
through, to read her narrative as they would
a text.

As we tumble down the rabbit hole and teeter
on the edge of chaos we realise that unlike
Alice, Esther’s wonder is an underland created
from inside her own fetishes.

Esther Planas is a visual artist, writer and musician –
she is the publisher of Dark Star and plays with Dirty Snow

By order:

Raining Insommia: Espai Montcada, Barcelona 1997

Dark Star /Dirty Snow at Fundació Rafael Tous, Barcelona, Dec 1999 to Jan 2000, curated by Hilde Teerlink.

Five Years in Outline, Amsterdam (Dark Star) 2000

The Red Room (Five Years) 2000

Dark Pop at Five Years, London 2000, curated by Marc Hulson and Esther Planas.

DSn4 (solo show) at Five Years, London 2002.

Dark Star at Arti et Amiticiae, Amsterdam 2003, curated by Marc Hulson and Mariette Rensen
(Outline Amsterdam)

Snow at Transition gallery with Sharon Gal, London 2005, curated by Transition

Psycho-geometry V at The Polish Losers Club Berlin and Five Years London 2006/7

All Cats are Grey (solo show) at Espai Ubu, Barcelona 2007

Rock My Illussion Fundacion Boti, Córdoba Curated by Jesús 2008

Installation/Show/ Perform/1997
Fundació Rafael Tous /Metronom 1999
1999/2000 Barcelona
Image, Sound, Video, Xerox, Zine
Live Sound Expanded Install 2001
Live Sound, Expanded Install/2001
Collage Installation Set Journal/01
VideoTV/Xeroxed Posters/DiscoBall..
Fanzine Becomes alive, Objects 2001
DS4 Five Years 2002/Dark Star
Black Wall Fanzine 2004
Installation 2005 Transition G
Five Years 8 Andrews Rd 2007
2007 London
Spai Ubu Barcelona 2007
Rockmy Illusion Sculpture Band/08